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Our Work

Welcome to our "Works" page, where we proudly showcase the diverse portfolio of Tianjin The Voice Culture Media Co., Ltd., our parent company. Explore a range of captivating projects, from documentary filmmaking and event planning to dynamic animation productions.


To explore more works, please visit:

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Charming Xiqing Dynamic City

We collaborated in the creation of "Charming Xiqing Dynamic City," a documentary jointly produced by the Publicity Department of Tianjin Xiqing District CPC and Xiqing District News Center. This film employs innovative visual techniques to showcase the economic, cultural, and ecological facets of Xiqing, capturing attention with its distinct perspective and compelling visuals.


You Deserve a Medal 520

In 2021, we undertook the Tencent public welfare project “You Deserve a Medal”.

Including designing and producing promotional videos, offline activities, intelligent interactive systems, promotional materials and gifts, etc.

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NetEase Olympic International Live Broadcast Champions Home in Brazil Studio

During Tokyo Olympic, we set up a nice little courtyard in Beijing with friends and family of the champions, sharing stories about the champions on the court and sharing the taste of their dinner.


Olympic Games Olympic Trivia

Animation of 2016 Rio Olympic Games Olympic Trivia

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